Teacher Librarian

Calamvale, Queensland 
  • The Teacher Librarian will work with classes in P-12 setting.
  • Commencing January 2022
  • Permanent, full-time

Calamvale Community College is a PYP, DP Authorised School and is in the candidacy stage for MYP. 



Teacher Librarian
The Teacher Librarian will work with classes in P-12 setting.

Responsible for:

Coordination and development of library resources and programs, for P-12 to support teachers in the creation of quality learning experiences for students.



Line Manager

IB Diploma Coordinator

Date of Commencement

January 2022

Reporting to





Permanent, full-time


The Teacher Librarian exercises a significant middle management leadership role within the School, working towards the realisation of Calamvale Community College’s vision and mission statements in the College.  The Teacher Librarian will be responsible for creating an innovative, collaborative learning space that embraces 21st Century pedagogies and developing resources and tools to support teachers in the creation of quality learning experiences and meaningful connections with classroom learning, in collaboration with curriculum leaders.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES in collaboration with Junior School Teacher Librarian:

Information Management

  • Develop short and long term strategic and operational plans for the Library e-learning environment within the context of the School’s AIP
  • Work with classroom teachers to develop programs that incorporate essential knowledge and skills in teaching and learning programs aligned to the strategic direction of the school.
  • Collaboratively plan and teach units of work with subject and classroom teachers to further develop information literacy and access to curriculum resources.
  • Assist students in the use of a range of resources and technologies, being inclusive of diverse needs.
  • Develop, support and promote an inquiry based learning approach.
  • Familiarisation with International Baccalaureate, (IB) underlying philosophy & resourcing needs

Library Management

  • Coordinate the roles and daily tasks of Library staff and volunteers.
  • Coordinate displays, special events and activities to support student learning.
  • Contribute to the School webpage and intranet.
  • Consult with the Head of Program to develop and administer resource budgets for the Library.
  • Development and maintenance of Library resources
  • Other duties as requested by the Principal.




  • Teach the required number of classes each week as allocated by the College.


Literature Promotion

  • Expose students to a range of genres in both print and digital formats across a range of platforms.
  • Develop strategies to foster a love of literature and reading for leisure.
  • Promote a wide range of quality literature and authors and guide students in their reading choices.
  • Liaise with English HoP and Junior School TL to develop key Literature events as part of College calendar



  • Select resources to support the information needs of the school community including IB
  • Employ strategies to maximise access to print and electronic resources.
  • Facilitate access to community resources and information services.
  • Provide a friendly learning environment in which students feel confident that their information needs will be addressed.
  • Instruct students in specialist information tools and services eg. cataloguing systems, online video libraries
  • Ensure that the Library is a multi-functional focal point for student learning.

Job and Person Specifications


  • Post graduate qualifications in librarianship, or working towards this qualification.

Skills and Attributes

  • High level verbal and written skills.
  • Strong organisational skills, initiative and attention to detail.
  • Strong information communication and technology literacy skills.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team environment, including Junior School Teacher Librarian.

Key Selection Criteria

The successful applicant will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A specialist educator with dual qualifications in both teaching and librarianship.
  • Expertise in 21st Century teaching and learning to deliver relevant library and information lessons.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with teachers to integrate information and digital literacies in the P -12 curriculum.
  • Ability to integrate appropriate Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies in teaching and learning programs across all year levels and areas of the curriculum that incorporates Australian Curriculum requirements.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills in communication and team building and the ability to sustain quality working relationships.
  • A proactive and collaborative approach to inquiry-based learning.
  • A knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues such as the introduction of the Australian & IB Curriculum and their implications for the School.
  • English, Humanities, or Technology teaching background is preferable.

Please send a CV and cover letter responding to the key responsibilities and experience to Mel Ellis –[email protected]

Applications closing Monday 6 December 2021