Coromandel Valley Primary School

Coromandel Valley Primary School is located in the picturesque Mitcham Hills, just 14 km south of Adelaide city centre in South Australia. The school is nestled amongst a beautiful bushland environment with the Sturt River flanking its southern boundary, providing opportunities  to engage in environmental exploration. We were one of the first Government primary schools established, with a rich history dating back to 1877. Our student population of approximately 470 includes short and long term International students.

Coromandel Valley Primary School is highly regarded for excellence in teaching and engaging students in quality learning experiences. Our high standard of achievement is a result of a very dedicated and professional staff who strive to continually improve in every area. Our vision "Developing Global Learners in a Caring Community", is facilitated through strong community support, active participation and a sense of belonging for all learners. 

Coromandel Valley Primary School is an International Baccalaureate World School. We offer learning programmes in both the Primary Years Programme (reception to year 5) and the Middle Years Programme (Year 6 and 7). Both of these programmes of International education are designed to help students develop knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills, through inquiry, to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world.
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Primary Years Programme (PYP)

At Coromandel Valley Primary School the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme encompasses students from Reception to Year 5. This culminates with an Exhibition at the end of Year 5 which provides an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the Learner Profile and the Approaches to Learning.

The PYP is structured around the learner, learning and teaching, and the learning community. It emphasises that everyone involved has agency - voice, choice and ownership.

Our Reception students participate in four units of inquiry each year and our Year 1 to Year 5 students participate in six units of inquiry each year. These units of inquiry are organised into six trans-disciplinary themes: Who we are; Where we are in place and time; How we express ourselves; How the world works; How we organise ourselves; Sharing the planet.

Middle Years Programme (MYP)

At Coromandel Valley Primary School our Year 6 students are in Year 1 of the programme and our Year 7 students are in Year 2 of the programme. The programme reinforces that learning how to learn and how to evaluate information is as important as learning facts. 

The IB programme models highlight important shared features of an IB education.

  • Developing the attributes of the learner profile
  • Approaches to teaching and approaches to learning
  • Age-appropriate culminating experiences
  • An organized and aligned structure of subject groups or disciplines
  • Development of international-mindedness as a primary aim and context for learning

Through the MYP, we aim to develop students’ personal understanding, emerging sense of self and sense of responsibility in their community. Through Service and Action, we provide students the opportunity to develop awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth, undertake new challenges, plan and initiate activities, work collaboratively with others, show perseverance and commitment, engage with locally and globally significant challenges and consider the ethical implications of their actions.