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MYP Diploma

Location Berrimah, Northern Territory, Australia
Website http://www.kormilda.nt.edu.au/
Email Admin@kormilda.nt.edu.au
Phone +61 (08) 8922 1611
Fax +61 (08) 8947 0792

Kormilda College, from its Christian foundation and commitment to excellence, seeks to inspire its students to be life-long learners who act with compassion and justice through their understanding of others, and who develop the wisdom and courage to shape the future. Principles and Practices Christian foundation The College is founded on the values, teachings and traditions of the Anglican and Uniting Churches.

We believe that: 
all that exists is created by a good and loving God, and is intended to be 'good': creative, harmonious, just, purposeful and self sustaining
all people are made in the image of God: are able to mirror and bring into being God's goodness, creativity, and restoring love and will for justice and harmony among all people and in the whole of creation * all creation and all people are equally valued by God central to human life is the desire to understand the meaning and purpose of life. For this reason * we regard 'faith formation' as of central importance in supporting students as they face and shape the future * we actively promote formation in the Christian faith within the College community * we actively promote the importance of reconciliation for each member of the College, with God and with others, as vital to restoring human activity to God's good purposes for the earth. Excellence We believe in 'excellence' as the standard by which success is measured. We believe that 'excellence' is neither elitist nor exclusive, and its benefits are not simply individualist. All within the College community and beyond will benefit from our culture of excellence. For this reason we expect that

  • each student will seek to achieve to their highest possible potential
  • each member of staff will seek to achieve best practice in their profession or work place
  • all College policies and procedures will seek to support students and staff in their pursuit of excellence. Life-long learners We believe that the core business of the College is student learning.

We also believe that:

  • students' learning involves academic, cultural, spiritual, physical, emotional development
  • students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates
  • the learning of all students is equally important
  • students benefit from learning together.

We believe that learning should be life-long, and that people who are

  • constructive
  • collaborative
  • reflective
  • critical
  • creative
  • empowered
  • self-motivated
  • balanced and holistic in their view of life are likely to become life-long learners.

For this reason, all that is done in the College-what we teach, how we teach and how we organise and support teaching and learning-is designed to support such learning. Compassion and justice The College seeks for all its students to show compassion to others and to act with justice in their relationships as shown by the example of Christ. We believe that students who show compassion will be:

  • loving
  • empathetic
  • serving
  • generous
  • thoughtful
  • forgiving

We believe that students who act with justice will be:

  • courageous
  • critical
  • discerning
  • selfless
  • responsible
  • ethical
  • fair
  • thoughtful

Understanding Students are able to act with compassion and justice when they have a genuine understanding of others. We believe that understanding is

  • to see the world through the eyes of others.
  • facilitated through cross-cultural learning experiences
  • the foundation of reconciliation which seeks to restore relationships broken by actions and attitudes past and present. For this reason, cross-cultural learning experiences are central to the student learning program. Wisdom and Courage The College seeks to empower students with wisdom and courage.

We believe students who act with wisdom will:

  •  have the understanding that faith brings
  • be skilled in critical evaluation
  • consult and listen
  • be discerning
  • have an understanding of others
  • be people of vision
  • act with a sense of stewardship

We believe students who act with courage will:

  • have a confident understanding of who they are
  •  have developed a clear set of values from which decisions are made 
  • place the needs and well-being of others before their own interests 
  • be willing to challenge wrong doing and speak out against oppression It is the intention of the College that its students will be equipped to be the people who will shape the future.

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