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PYP Diploma

Location Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia
Website newington.nsw.edu.au
Email contact@newington.nsw.edu.au
Phone +61 2 9568 9333
Fax +61 2 9568 9521

Newington College is an independent school which educates boys from K-12 across three campuses. The secondary school is located just 3km from the University of Sydney and in the very heart of the Inner West. Our boys have a safe and secure oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of Sydney's cultural centre. Our geographic location means that Newington boys leave the school with a true understanding of Sydney's cultural diversity, preparing them to engage with and be a part of the broader community.

At Newington, our aim is to motivate boys to be well-rounded individuals, fully prepared for the rigours of adulthood in the 21st century.

We believe that in order to lead successful lives boys must be motivated to learn and this motivation is fundamental to everything we offer at Newington. Primary to all we do is to ensure boys enjoy their time at school, for without this we cannot fulfil any of our other goals.

Newington’s four pillars of education, namely academic, pastoral, spiritual and co-curricular elements, are the foundations of the College’s liberal and holistic education.

We encourage our boys to be open-minded and tolerant, to think freely and not be bound by traditional or conventional ideas. We want to encourage a personal best approach to life.

We are a diverse community and we celebrate the fact that our College truly represents the cosmopolitan nature of our modern society. We embrace boys of all faiths and denominations, and from every geographic area. We acknowledge the wide variety of family backgrounds that our community comprises, and we believe that every member of our community has the right to feel safe and accepted at our school.

For Newington boys, this means a genuine experience of the ‘real world’ that they will work and live in after school.

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Diploma Programme

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