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Location Salisbury North, South Australia, Australia
Website http://www.salishs.sa.edu.au/
Email web.master@salisburyhigh.sa.edu.au
Phone +61 8 8182 0200
Fax +61 8 8182 0201

Salisbury High School has a clear aim and that is to see students successfully placed in higher education, training, employment and Community Service. Young people with high personal integrity, a strong sense of self and identity are better able to manage change with confidence and success and be active citizens in our community. To achieve this, we are committed to excellence and to providing students with learning experiences that will challenge, develop and maximise their potential. Our strong pastoral care/care management system focuses on providing a safe, success oriented environment within a supportive and nurturing structure arranged in houses Oliphant, Cairns, Florey and Mawson. Through developing close relationships with parents and caregivers, students and care teachers, together we can help young people find their own pathway to success and be the best they can be. At Salisbury High School we offer a flexible and equitable curriculum, which supports every student to be successful in their chosen pathway.