Changes to IB Support in Australasia

July 20, 2023


The IB has recently announced that from August 1st, support for IB Australasian schools will be provided by a dedicated IB World Schools Manager role, based in Singapore. Coinciding with this, Steven Wishart’s engagement with the IB will end on 31 July 2023. Steven has worked closely with IB schools, networks and the association for a number of years, and we would like to thank him for the support he has provided. We have outlined below how the IB will continue to support schools, and the steps we will take to ensure support during the transition. 

At this time, the IB is not planning any changes to the level or focus of support for IB schools in Australasia, apart from the physical relocation of the IBWS Manager position to Singapore. All Australian and New Zealand IB schools, and all programmes in both public and private systems, will be supported under a single IBWS Manager's portfolio as part of an Asia Pacific portfolio. This is a bespoke approach, and is recognition that, with some of the developments underway within Australia and also with the IB programmes, this model will best support schools at this point in time. Schools will continue to have direct access to their IBWS Manager online and face to face at planned events over the year. 

All queries regarding recognition (e.g. ACTAC related) and interest in new programmes can continue to go to our Development and Recognition team, and the representative for Australasia, Pei Wen Cheong 

From August 1, all general queries can continue to be sent to IB Answers and will be monitored and supported by IBWS colleagues in the IB's Singapore office. Any urgent queries will be escalated to the relevant Head of IB World Schools. 

In the transition period, until an IBWS Manager supporting Australasia is in post, schools in the middle of a programme evaluation will be assigned to one of the experienced IBWS Managers in the Singapore office to ensure that your evaluation event goes smoothly.

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