November 2023 IB Diploma and Career-Related Programmes results released.

The wait for end of school results is over for three thousand Australasian students!
January 04, 2024

On January 3, 2,646 students in Australia, 404 students in New Zealand, together with 20,385 students worldwide received their Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) results from the November 2023 examination session. This marks a 12.18% increase in the number of students receiving DP and CP results from last year. In the May 2023 examination session a further 179,922 students completed the DP and CP.

With a global average DP score for the November 2023 session of 29.06 points, today’s IB graduates join a community of more than 2.3 million alumni and lifelong learners across 160 countries worldwide. The Australian average score was 34.53 points and the New Zealand average was 33.38. The world-wide award rate of the Diploma was 71.93%, 94.61% for Australia and 92.57% for New Zealand. There were 514 students in Australia and 68 in New Zealand that received results of 40 or above.

IB students and IB World Schools are diverse and have varying contexts, socioeconomic positions, and cohort sizes. Additionally, IB students’ individual achievements go far beyond their assessment scores. Given these considerations and the long-term impact of the pandemic as well as other global challenges, the IB has decided to refrain from sharing any additional assessment data to prevent generalized comparisons. The IB is equally proud of all students and the accomplishments they achieve during their two-year DP or CP journey. IB Schools Australasia supports this approach. Neither the IB nor IBSA provides data that will enable rankings as this is counter to the mission of both. 

University Entrance

In Australia, IB Diploma graduate results are converted to an IB Admissions Score (IBAS), which is an Australian Tertiary Assessment Rank (ATAR) equivalent. The IBAS and ATAR are calculated by the Australian Council of Tertiary Admissions Centres (ACTAC), an independent body acting on behalf of Australian Tertiary Admissions Centres (NSW UAC, VTAC, SATAC, QTAC and WISC) to ensure a fair comparison between IB Diploma results and the state-based qualifications (NSW HSC, VCE, SACE etc)

Information regarding the calculation and distribution of the IBAS in NSW is found here.

Information regarding the calculation and distribution of the IBAS in Victoria is found here.

Information regarding the calculation and distribution of the IBAS in Queensland is found here.

Information regarding the calculation and distribution of the IBAS in South Australia is found here

Information regarding the calculation and distribution of the IBAS in Western Australia is found here. 

In New Zealand, as with the rest of the world, the IB Diploma is accepted as a direct entry qualification to universities

For the November 2023 examination session, DP and CP students completed all assessment components for each subject and the IB awarded grades using all components, coursework and examinations.  Learn more about the November 2023 examination session here.

About IB Programmes

The Diploma Programme (DP) gives students world-class preparation for university and a lifetime of opportunity. It is a comprehensive inquiry-based education that puts students in control of their learning, so they can develop superior academic ability, confidence, critical-thinking and language skills. This rigorous framework is recognized and respected by the world’s leading universities and aims to support the whole student to flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. Hear the story of IB DP Australian Alumnus, Samantha Nixon.   Hear more from other IB DP alumni.

The Career-related Programme (CP) is specifically designed for students aged 16–19 who wish to engage in career-related learning, while also continuing to gain lifelong skills such as confidence, social responsibility and a sense of purpose. The CP is an innovative blend of academic study and career development that incorporates the vision and educational principles of the IB into a unique programme. Hear more from IB CP alumni.

In addition to the Diploma and Career-related programmes, thousands of other Australasian students study the Primary Years Programme and the Middle Years Programme.