Early offers being made to IB Diploma students

Diploma offers to be made before results released in NSW
November 15, 2017
As a measure of the value in which the IB Diploma is seen and to ensure Diploma students are not disadvantaged by December University offers, some Universities are now offering places based on IB predicted grades.

In NSW the University Admissions Centre (UAC) will make a main round of offers in December for the first time. As Diploma results are not available until January IB students were to be disadvantaged by this change, so a number of Universities are making offers based on IB Predicted grades.  Some offers are conditional on final results, but many are unconditional, reflecting the high regard in which the IB Diploma is held by Universities across Australia.

A main round offer of places will be made on December 21, a week after NSW HSC results are released.  This is a major change from the past where the main round was made in mid-January.  There will still be January offers.  In a major change from the past IB Diploma students are this year being made December offers by Macquarie and Sydney Universities based on school predicted grades of student performance.  This was covered in a Sydney Morning Herald article  featuring St Paul’s Grammar School student Madeleine Bishop! 

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