IB Diploma results released with 22 perfect scores!

The wait for Year 12 results is over for 2,418 Australasian IB students
December 29, 2017
Genuine comparison of academic results in schools can only be made when IB Diploma results are considered in school rankings.

The wait for results is over for Australasian IB Diploma students. Diploma results were released on January 4, 2018 to schools. Students have access to their results online from January 6. With these results a true academic comparison between schools may be made.

Of the more than two and a half thousand Australasian candidates there are 22 perfect (45) scores, indicating that these students are the best in the world! The Australasian pass rate was 92.08%. The average Australasian candidate score of 34 is well above the world average!

IB Diploma students are excluded from merit ranks created by media organisations based on State or National senior secondary courses such as the NSW HSC, Victorian VCE, South Australian SACE, Queensland OP and New Zealand NCEA. As a result such merit ranks are inaccurate reflections of academic performance of school cohorts. For an accurate academic comparison between schools offering the IB Diploma and those that do not, such rankings should not be published until IB Diploma results are released in January each year. As the IB Diploma is specifically designed as a University entry course, students studying it usually average a high academic standard.  This is demonstrated in results published each January. In 2017 the average Australian IB student result of 34 out of 45 was equal to an ATAR of 92!

The IB Diploma Programme is an international matriculation programme studied by approximately 170,000 students around the world in May and November examination sessions. More than 16,500 students who sat for November 2017 examinations received their results this week. This represents an increase over 2016 of approximately 17% for the November session and a 6% increase in Australasian candidates over the last year.

Each year Australasian students achieve outstanding results, demonstrating the excellence in teaching and learning in Australasian IB Schools. A total of 2,408 students in Australia and 338 in New Zealand sat for these examinations.  In Victoria there were 676 candidates, 552 in Queensland, 547 in NSW, 398 in South Australia, 134 in the ACT, 46 in Western Australia, 40 is Tasmania and 25 in the Northern Territory. Additional students sat for these examinations in PNG and Fiji.

The International Baccalaureate is also studied by students through the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme as well as a Career Related Programme which acts as an alternative to the Diploma Programme. Many Australasian schools offer a combination of two or three IB programmes spanning education from age 4-18.


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