IBSA 2021 'Understanding Local to Embrace Global'

September 28, 2020 - September 30, 2020

Our conference IBSA2021 ‘Understanding Local to Embrace Global’ has been cancelled due to COVID-19.


Our conference is designed to reflect on our uniquely Australasian context and how we can best implement the IB mission in our schools. Catering for the variety of roles within IB Schools, this conference will provide sessions and workshops specifically designed for school leaders, IB coordinators, curriculum leaders, subject teachers and IB administrators. Within these groups, IB educators will have an opportunity to network with old acquaintances, develop new relationships, and learn about the latest issues affecting IB schools in Australia and New Zealand.

Day 1 is designed to bring all participants together - to hear from the IB and shape the vision over the coming days.  As a participant in Days 2 and 3 you will work with colleagues from other schools facing the same challenges as you: whether as a school new to the IB, in pedagogy, an IB Coordinator or within a position of leadership within your school.  You will also get a chance at different times to meet with others working in the same IB Programme/s as you.

Key take homes from the conference will be:

  • Learn more about the IB mission in our unique context
  • Hear from the IB with a key focus on the needs of Australasian Schools
  • Develop connections for your school between the IB mission, your school community and your curriculum
  • Engage in international perspectives with a practical approach
  • Develop networks with colleagues from other IB Schools
  • Foster ideas that create a positive learning culture in you school

We are proud to have the support from the IB for this event.  




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