'Your Voice' Campaign: Foundations for Tomorrow

April 12, 2021 - May 07, 2021

'We’ve found that young people in Australia have not had sufficient input into the direction of our future. Now, more than ever, we are at a critical point where we can reshape our future.'


The ‘Your Voice’ campaign is committed to contributing the perspective of youth to the development of Australia’s COVID-19 recovery plan to ensure that we can design a collective future that is more sustainable, just, and equitable.
With the potential alignment between the 'Your Voice' campaign and various elements of the IB Diploma Programme including some subjects (e.g. Global Politics, Environmental systems and societies), TOK, CAS and the new world studies extended essay, IB Schools Australasia is sharing this information with you.  We encourage you to explore the opportunities available for use in the DP.

To learn more and make your voice heard for Australia’s future, please visit: https://www.foundationsfortomorrow.org/raise-your-voice
About Foundations for Tomorrow:

Foundations for Tomorrow (FFT) is a purpose driven non-profit organisation founded by Global Shapers, a youth leadership initiative of the World Economic Forum. FFT are currently looking for partners, including schools, for the ‘Your Voice’ campaign running in March 2021 with an objective to gather insights on the priorities, perspectives, and questions of youth and directly engaging prominent Australian leaders to respond to these, with this project culminating in an action-orientated report. 

Type of Submission

How this works

Duration & Characteristics



The Full Survey

> Individual participants & campaign partners can complete this submission with the (optional) support of the Discover Your Voice Toolkit

> Speedy Submission duration: 5-10 minutes

> The Deep Dive duration: 20-30 minutes

> Contributes to the global Davos Lab initiative

April 23rd


The Lean Survey

Type 1: Via Typeform Survey

> Individual participants & communities complete the survey

> Social media sharing & promotion to spread the word

> Duration: 2-5 minutes

> Easy to read & digest

> Supported by our ambassador and partner network via their social media platforms.

May 7th

Type 2: Via Social Media Polling 

Social Media surveys & polling: using the Ambassador Guide and our Partner Collateral Toolkit

> Duration: less than 1 minute

> Easy to read & digest

> Supported by our ambassador and partner network via their social media platforms.


Community Leader Submissions

Community leaders submitting on behalf of the young people they lead.

> This approach is flexible and dependent on the context of the leader 

> Community Leaders can submit a summary on behalf of their organisation via the form provided here.

May 7th

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