AAIBS is now IB Schools Australasia. Read more ›

ACT/NSW IB Coordinators Network

This group has been running since 1998 and meets quarterly in IB Schools to discuss IB programmes and support them in our schools. The group is open to all interested, candidate and authorised IB... READ MORE ›

South Australian Diploma Coordinators

The Diploma has been in operation in South Australia since 1989 when Pembroke School's Diana Medlin introduced the program. Mrs Medlin was a distinguished educator who became the first President of...


South Australian MYP Network

South Australian MYP teachers have met regularly from 1997 when 2 school clusters commenced the IBMYP program. With the number of South Australian IBMYP schools increasing since 1997, the demand...


Vic & Tasmanian IB Diploma Coordinators Network

This network consists of the IB Diploma Coordinators from each of the nineteen IB Diploma schools that currently operate in Victoria and Tasmania. The nineteen current members of the group meet...