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Caulfield Grammar School proudly offers a thriving learning environment that nourishes students to know who they are, what they value and why they are valued. These competencies are nurtured in the way we teach, the breadth of co-curricular offerings, and our commitment to every learner’s wellbeing. Malvern Campus offers ELC to Year 6, with students transitioning to nearby Caulfield Campus for Years 7-12. Our national trust-listed Valentines Mansion lies in the heart of our beautiful Malvern Campus. The mansion and its grounds are home to the visually stunning ballroom and community space, as well as a range of flexible classrooms and specialist learning environments for visual arts, STEM, music and language.

We offer a strong foundation in the early years 

At Caulfield Grammar School we believe in developing the whole child – not just their knowledge, but their interests, attitudes and values. We enable children to be curious, confident and critical thinkers who can forge their own pathway and contribute to life with passion and purpose.

In the ELC and junior years, learning experiences and spaces are designed to cultivate creativity, curiosity, connection and compassion. One of the key differentiators of our School is our approach to teaching and learning led by our highly skilled educators.

Teacher agility and student agency

Campus-based Teaching and Learning teams take collective ownership of developing strategic Teaching and Learning priorities. Our commitment to research-informed practice and ensuring a consistent experience for each student in the classroom and each learning environment is illustrated by our Quality Lesson Design Model. This Model ensures students have the opportunity to learn with experts (the teacher) and be active participants in their own learning. Students are encouraged to voice their thinking openly and to share and critique one another’s understandings – fostering responsible, active learners.

Cultural immersion and education outdoors 

Students ‘learn by doing’ through authentic real-world connection and collaboration — immersing in diverse cultures to develop the skills to navigate our rapidly changing world, whether internationally or domestically. Immersive learning experiences exist within our sport, music, language, Arts and STEM programs. Our unique Yarra Junction Campus is where Year 3 and 5 students are challenged in an inspiring natural learning environment. Here they develop practical skills, leadership skills, and life skills — and consider the effect of their actions and lifestyle on the world around them. 

Extensive co-curricular opportunities  

Students can choose from an extensive range of programs supported by highly-credentialled specialists. Sport is a key element in the fabric of life at Caulfield Grammar School. And for students interested in The Arts, Caulfield Grammar offers endless opportunities for creative expression and growth in music, theatre, visual arts, and dance. 

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Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Caulfield Grammar School is authorised to deliver the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) at our Wheelers Hill Campus and Malvern Campus.


The inquiry-based IB PYP framework guides is designed for 5–12-year-olds and provides a comprehensive research-based curriculum framework of global significance. It is an international, transdisciplinary, concept-driven, inquiry-based programme.


Our Early Learning Centre teams are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF). These documents have been developed to ensure all children experience play based learning that is engaging and builds life skills and support the framework of the IB PYP.


We believe students learn best when they understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’, not just the ‘what’. By focusing on the development of conceptual understandings and transdisciplinary skills, students understand core concepts so they can apply them in other areas. This not only helps in grasping ideas, it also encourages students to extend their thinking as they build on what they have learned.