Location Bellevue Hill, New South Wales, Australia
Phone +61 2 9327 9000
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Boarding facilities

Cranbrook School is an Anglican independent day and boarding school for boys, Pre-school to Year 12 located four kilometres from the heart of Sydney. Founded in 1918 in order to uphold the great tradition of a liberal educational philosophy, and continues to do so by instilling, and supporting the development of academic rigour. At Cranbrook our vision is to be a world class school which encourages and enables all of our students to explore, enjoy and fulfil their potential. We lead our students to discover and make the most of their talents, give of their best and thrive in and love the pursuit of excellence. As a school we energise the educational environment by offering a rich and distinctive schooling both within and beyond the curriculum and give powerful pastoral support. We uphold the character of our Anglican foundation in order to promote the moral and spiritual development of each student and foster the principles of service. Cranbrook builds resilience and confidence so that each student can face the challenges of the twenty-first century with personal confidence, intellectual versatility, academic hunger and optimism. We inspire and support them to respect the integrity of differences, lead adventurous, courageous and generous lives contributing to the betterment of society. As a school we place great importance on the enduring value of the arts. Participation in these programmes aims to develop skills in leadership, performance, creativity and decision-making. We engender a love of the arts in children from Pre-school through to Year 12 and firmly believe that creativity is a process which must be stimulated, encouraged and nurtured. The performing arts are a valuable part of our school life. Physical fitness and mental agility go hand in hand, reinforcing an acuteness of perspective. The Cranbrook School sports programme is both deep and wide, and one of inclusiveness, opportunity, and competition. We encourage the balance between the team and the individual within each sport as well as place great importance on the ongoing cultivation of skills, training and conditioning. Boarding at Cranbrook offers a powerful and remarkably contemporary form of schooling. Being at the centre of school life gives an experience filled with valuable activities and engagements: living, and working, alongside peers and mentors enables the growth both of self-belief and of inter-personal skills.

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

At Cranbrook Junior School we believe that learning is life’s greatest adventure and we challenge and foster the individual talents of each boy to help them fulfil their potential. We provide a positive and caring learning environment to inspire all our boys to thrive. Cranbrook Junior School provides learning opportunities for every student that not only encourages self-confidence and intellectual development but instils a sense of independence, responsibility and consideration of others. Our programmes are based upon academic, cultural and personal development to ensure the potential of each boy is realised in accordance with his particular abilities and aspirations. The construction of knowledge, understanding and the importance of skill development are central to all that we do at Cranbrook within our Primary Years Programme. The Junior School provides a nurturing educational environment that promotes boys’ self-confidence and builds on their natural enthusiasm for learning by developing their full potential intellectually. Boys are encouraged to develop consideration for others, independence and a sense of responsibility. The curriculum for all students, Kindergarten to Year 6 , is the prescribed Australian Curriculum in New South Wales. We use the International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) curriculum framework to guide our approach to teaching and learning. The programme promotes global mindedness and a focus on students making a difference and taking action. Alongside academic excellence, we aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better world, through inter-cultural understanding and respect, inspiring excellence and a celebration of difference. We put our children at the centre of their own learning and place great emphasis on nurturing skills and attitudes such as resourcefulneess, resilience and co-operation.

Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Cranbrook School is an authorized IB MYP School