Grace Christian College Wodonga

Grace Christian College is a small P - 12 Christian school situated on the edge of the rural City of Wodonga. We seek to provide an educational program for families who wish their children to be educated in an environment supported by Christian beliefs. The staff at Grace Christian College seek to teach the curriculum from a perspective that is both honouring and reflective of the person of Jesus Christ. One of the school’s key goals for students is the development of thinking skills that will help students to critically assess and respond to the challenges they face in the twenty-first century as followers of Jesus. To assist students in this development, the school has courses in Christian Apologetics through a comprehensive understanding of Christian Worldview.

Staff value maintaining good relationships with students and provide a positive community experience. The school seeks to provide a balanced educational program that encourages learning across academic, artistic and sporting areas that prepares students for a life of active involvement in their community.
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