The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School is a government selective entry high school for high-ability students in Years 9-12, and one of the top performing state schools in Victoria. Established in 1934, Mac.Rob plays a vital and inclusive role as one of Victoria’s selective entry schools by ensuring a sense of connection, belonging, and challenge for like-minded, high-ability students.

Our school inspires active engagement. Mac.Rob students know that we learn best when we collaborate with others, and that achievement is most rewarding when it is shared. We trust the capacity of our young people to make meaningful contributions to the school - through collaboration with staff in learning, decision making, and through expansive leadership, co-curricular, and social service opportunities at Mac.Rob.

Our aim is to develop curious, motivated, and critical thinkers who show compassion for others, pursue personal growth, demonstrate respect for their community, and explore disciplines and opportunities they are truly passionate about.

Our students are high-ability, which means they’re driven to strive, challenge, and extend themselves and their learning. At Mac.Rob, our curriculum is designed for students who can learn at a rate and level above the average, who demonstrate a passion for extending their own learning and rise to meet the challenge.

At Mac.Rob, artistic expression, creative thinking, physical expression, social justice and leadership, and the emotional wellbeing of their peers and community are as highly valued as academic achievement. Our students embrace opportunities both in and out of the classroom, and apply the same dedication, rigour, and curiosity to all aspects of their learning.
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