Melbourne Montessori College

Melbourne Montessori College (MMC) is an independent, co-educational environment catering for students from 2 to 19 years of age. Programs include Parent and Toddler playgroups, an Early Learning Program, a Junior School and a Senior School. Campuses are located in Caulfield, Brighton East and St Kilda.

Located in Brighton, the Senior School at MMC is small by design. This enables the School to be a community; to be more responsive, to better personalise and adapt to student needs, and to create an environment where adolescents develop a sense of belonging and feel at home working, studying and supporting each other.

For all our students we commit to provide a culture that promotes pro-active engagement and participation in the learning process, recognising that students who know how to take charge of their life and their studies at school demonstrate advanced personal skills and attitudes towards life in adult society.

The learning environments offered by MMC set adolescents up for success by combining creativity and choice, collaboration and social development and by creating optimal spaces to study and work. In doing so students feel connected and are more engaged.

 “You could dream of a very well-prepared school, in which there are no year groups, no rivalries, where students can prepare for different paths in life. To do this, they must solve problems, the most important of which is the ability to work independently”

(Maria Montessori, Von der Kindheit zur Jugend, 2018 p.336)

Melbourne Montessori College: “Inspiring our young people to imagine and build a better world with their own two hands.”


Diploma Programme (DP)

Guided by Montessori’s philosophy and practice throughout the School, MMS offers the IB Diploma Programme in Year 11 and 12.  We are one of the newer IB schools in Victoria and are very proud to be awarded the prestigious Innovative Schools Award by ‘The Educator’ for 2019 and 2020 in recognition of the educational initiatives we offer. This is a fantastic achievement and a reflection of the work done by the students and staff. 

In carrying the Montessori philosophy in our name and our hearts, we commit ourselves to providing excellence in education by taking a holistic approach. Equal importance is given to the personal development of the adolescent and their academic success.  Montessori emphasises the importance of a broad and rigorous education by means of its “Plan of Study and Work” which aligns very well with the IB Diploma Programme with at its core the IB Learner Profile.  At MMS the learning strategies used in the classroom are the product of continuous teacher collaboration and reflection, based on the latest educational research.  With a clear focus on the growth and development of the student as a person, we empower students for life and further study through personal as well as academic growth.