Merici College

Location Braddon, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Email [email protected]
Phone +61 2 6243 4100
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*This school is a candidate school for one or more IB programmes.

Merici College is an all girls’ 7-12 Catholic college committed to excellence in the education of girls, striving to assist all students to develop their potential academically, spiritually, culturally, physically and socially through innovative programs. Merici College is an IB World School, authorised to offer the Diploma Program (Years 11-12) and in the process of candidacy for the Middle Years Program (Year 7-10).

Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Merici College is trialing the MYP in Years 7 and 8 in 2019 as a candidate school, and in 2020 will move to extend the trial to include Years 7,8, and 9. We have a range of electives that students in Years 9 and 10 can choose from in 2020 such as engineering and sustainability and we offer Chinese (Mandarin), French and Italian as a language choice. The College focuses on all aspects of learning through its Principles of Powerful Learning. We aim at empowering students to become responsible for their own learning, working in partnership with teachers to maximise the results of the efforts they make as learners. Powerful Learningincorporates concepts such Academic Excellence through varied teaching styles, growth mindset and inquiry learning; Innovative Digital Learning through a bring your own device program and learning management system; Inclusivity with differentiated learning and teaching is fostered for a joy of learning; Faith, Hope and Love is the focus of our Christ centred values, creating positive relationships for all.

Diploma Programme (DP)

Merici College is delivering the DP from 2020. We have a small cohort of students studying the IB DP, allowing a personalised approach and support throughout student’s progression in the programme. We have a strong CAS programme, with a vast range of opportunities within and outside of our college campus and as a Catholic school, there are opportunities to get involved with issues relating to social justice. We also offer a range of local and international excursions to engage with communities such as our 2020 immersion to Cambodia. We offer a diverse IB curriculum with SL and HL options in most courses we run. The language options at DP level include Spanish, French, Chinese at ab initio level and French and Chinese at SL and HL level. We support students to develop their leadership skills and their critical thinking while being engaged, internationally minded people.