Mountain Creek State High School

Mountain Creek State High School has an excellent reputation for outstanding achievements in academic, cultural, leadership, community and sporting programs. We recognise that our students require not only a meaningful and relevant curriculum but also a cleverly designed school structure that better integrates the key elements of good pedagogical practice with a pastoral care framework that best supports young people in a rapidly changing world. Pastoral care and parent engagement is fostered through a sub-school system providing close monitoring of students in both academic achievement and behaviour management and a safe secure and supportive environment for all students. It is our vision to ensure our students have the skills to be lifelong learners. They need to be capable of higher order thinking and critical analysis, be self-directed learners, complex thinkers, quality producers, community contributors, team players and skilful users of information and communication technology. Enrolment at Mountain Creek State High School will ensure that students are challenged at all levels, supported in setting and attaining realistic personal academic goals and that they remain committed to excellence at all times. Our staff has contributed much to the lives of our students over the years and the quality of our graduates is reflective of the quality of our teaching staff and the strong student, staff and parent partnerships which underpin the school’s long record of success. Staff will share the responsibility with parents and student for assisting each student in attaining his/her educational goals. Mountain Creek State High School staff regularly engages in professional development that ensures they are highly qualified to deliver the programs offered at the school. Our partnerships with service providers across the Sunshine Coast help shape the Mountain Creek State High School community and provide opportunities for student engagement in the local community for work placement, enhanced study options, charity work, networking and further educational opportunities.
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Homestay program for international students


Diploma Programme (DP)

MCSHS offers a well established IB Diploma Programme in a large and well resourced government school. With the programme now over twelve years old, there is considerable experience amongst the teaching and support staff. IB students at MCSHS enjoy a good selection of subjects for study including up to four choices in Groups 3 and 4 and 3 choices in The Arts and Mathematics. MCSHS is a November exam school. The school has defined pathways into the IBDP including the Zenith Programme in the Junior School and Year 10 Preparatory Programme for the IB pathway. Students in the IB Diploma Programme at MCSHS enjoy the personal attention of a small programme set in the vibrant and busy large high school where numerous sporting, cultural, leadership, travel and service activities and opportunities are on offer.