Narrabundah College


Narrabundah College is a government college for years 11 and 12 students - the final two years of secondary education. It offers a challenging curriculum in a caring environment and meets the needs of students in an international community. Its student population is about 925 with over 30% from non-English speaking backgrounds, coming from 65 different countries.

Narrabundah College has earned an enviable record of student achievement in academic, sporting, social and cultural endeavours. A high percentage of students (around 85%) go on to further education at universities and specialist tertiary institutions.

The college offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma program alongside the ACT curriculum. Narrabundah College was the first school in Australasia to introduce this program. About 15% of the school’s population enrol in the IB and these students gain both the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and an IB Diploma, gaining an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank from each certificate.

The school has a very strong international atmosphere; the students come from many different cultural backgrounds. The college is unique in that it is the only school in the ACT that delivers the French Baccalaureat. The staff are engaged by the French Government and the program is delivered in the French language. The students sit for the external exams in Sydney in June and several graduates enrol in universities in France in August.

The college’s international atmosphere is also evident in its strong language program. We offer nine languages including five Asian and four European languages.

In all other faculty areas the college has gained considerable successes, locally, nationally and internationally. For example, we have recently had students in the Australian Physics Olympiad Team and the Australian Mathematics Trial Olympiad Team.

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Diploma Programme (DP)


SUBJECT offerings at Narrabundah College

1. Language A Literature (English)

2. Language B: French; German (beginner May exam); Japanese; Italian (May exam); Spanish; Chinese (Mandarin); Korean (no beginner & May exam)

3. Individuals and Societies: History (Modern); Economics; Psychology; Environmental Systems and Societies

4. Experimental Science: Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences; Environmental Systems and Societies

5. Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches HL/SL; Applications & Interpretations SL

6. Electives: Art; Music; Theatre Arts; A third modern language; A second subject from Individuals and Societies; A second science subject