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Prince Alfred College is proud to be a Uniting Church School where Christian beliefs, traditions and values are communicated by example as well as teaching. Our School Motto Fac fortia et patere This can be interpreted to mean 'in everything you do, go beyond your comfort zone, and stick to the task at hand'. Our Core Values Appreciation of Christian faith and values Determination to achieve excellence A passion for learning Willingness to be innovative Respect for oneself and others Our Beliefs We believe that the following are important: a coherent and continuous Kindergarten to Year 12 education the importance of education as a life-long process an appropriate balance between the academic, cultural, sporting, social and spiritual facets of education active co-operation between parents and teachers, with strong participation by both in the development of young people an international perspective coupled with an authentic understanding of Australia's national identity the demonstrated benefits of single-sex education for boys, where academic success can flourish and where the specific social and emotional needs of boys can be met effectively an understanding of Christian teachings and the Christian tradition an environment where the concepts of Christian living with emphasis on consideration for others are communicated by example as well as teaching, and where these concepts are infused into everyday practice by all members of the school community The Vision The focus of Princes Towards 2010 is the Vision Statement. Our Vision Statement follows from our Mission Statement, which summarises our enduring mission as a school. The Mission Statement of Prince Alfred College is as follows: Prince Alfred College is dedicated to equipping our students with the abilities needed to become men of discernment who value integrity, excellence and Christian faith in all aspects of life, and who will serve in the world as confident, competent and compassionate adults.

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Prince Alfred College congratulates it's firls graduating class of Italian B
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