St Margaret's College

Location Christchurch, Christchurch, New Zealand
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Phone +64 3 379 2000
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Boarding facilities Homestay program for international students

St Margaret’s College is a day and boarding school, centrally located in Christchurch, with Hagley Park on its doorstep. Our modern facilities, our Arts and Music centres and our sporting and playing fields reflect the innovations of the present, but we also honour and celebrate our history and our past traditions. St Margaret’s College offers excellent educational opportunities in a caring Christian environment for girls from 5 years old to completion of the high school years. We are a multicultural community spanning Asia to Africa, the Pacific and Europe. The mixture of boarders and daygirls from diverse backgrounds creates a lively and interesting community of young people. At St Margaret’s College we place a strong emphasis on a holistic education. We work in partnership with our parents and families to offer our girls the very best academic and career opportunities but also to ensure their physical, emotional and spiritual development. In addition to promoting high levels of academic achievement, the school offers a wide range of opportunities for leadership and for involvement in sporting and cultural activities within the school, regionally and nationally.

St Margaret’s College is the only school in Canterbury and the only girls’ school in the South Island currently offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. We also offer the National Certificate of Educational Achievement. We can be confident that our students have choices and most importantly, have the opportunity to follow a philosophy of education and an internationally recognised qualification reflecting exactly what St Margaret’s College is all about. The learning environment of modern facilities, small class sizes and well qualified and resourced staff presents our girls with every opportunity for excellent academic success. We are recognised, too, as a leading school in Information Technology. We believe that St Margaret’s must play a crucial part in developing citizens of the future, not just of New Zealand but of the world. Our aim, therefore, is seeing our girls leave us as well educated, well rounded, critically reflective and wise global citizens.

Diploma Programme (DP)

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is well-established at St Margaret’s College; the school has been offering the IB Diploma since 2001. Staff, students and parents all recognise the programme as stimulating and challenging, giving the graduates key skills to embrace their futures. We are proud to see so many of our graduates taking their place on the global stage as successful women who are committed to making a difference in the world. Each year we see the average points gained by our girls exceeding both the world average and the Australasian average. Each year we applaud those who earn over 40 points – again an over-represention in percentage terms - as well as celebrate the achievement of all of the graduates of the Diploma. The success of the girls in gaining scholarships, in gaining entry to prestigious universities and competitive courses and to completing their tertiary work with high levels of attainment and commendation reflects the value of the IB Diploma to these students and to their future opportunities. Our International Baccalaureate students profit from the good teaching facilities, small classes and caring and motivated teachers. The breadth of discussion in Theory of Knowledge classes showcases the mixture of daygirls and boarders, New Zealanders and international students, talented musicians, polished performers and keen sportswomen. In the two years of sharing experiences, gaining and critically considering knowledge and working toward their futures, our International Baccalaureate Diploma students prepare themselves well for academic success and for bright and fulfilling futures.