Trinity Lutheran College Mildura

Trinity Lutheran College is an authorised IB World School offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP) and pursuing authorisation as an IB World School.  Every student’s education is at the centre of all that we do with our professional staff here to support and challenge each of our students to excel in both their academic and personal development.
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*This school is a candidate school for one or more IB programmes.


Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Trinity Lutheran College Mildura is an authorised IB World School offering the PYP.

In the PYP, students learn about significant concepts through units of inquiry. There are six transdisciplinary themes that guide the units of inquiry at each year level during each year of study. The essential elements of each unit are knowledge content, learning skills, learning attitudes, and responsible action and classroom practices. Units of inquiry interweave subject areas such as mathematics, literacy and language, science, social studies, personal and physical development and the arts.

Middle Years Programme (Candidate) (MYP*)

Trinity Lutheran College Mildura is a candidate school in the MYP.

The MYP discipline areas will enable each student to explore specific knowledge and skills while developing inquiry and higher order thinking skills. They will identify connections between what is being studied; how it can be applied in an authentic context; and challenged to take meaningful action in the local or global community.