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Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus (QACI) is one of three selective entry independent State High Schools developing highly capable young people on their preferred academic pathways. QACI students study towards an International Baccalaureate Diploma, enabling them to work toward achievements based on merit in a non-competitive environment. Our campus offers subjects dedicated to the creative industries – including Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Design Technology, and Film, developing university research skills and allowing opportunities for real life industry experience and involvement across all industry sectors. QACI celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2017 and continues to be a leader in creative industries education within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. QACI graduates are global influencers; learning inspired; entrepreneurial and enterprising; ideas architects; life-designers; and, ethically and socially responsive. Alumni are involved in a diverse range of academic and creative industries professions and networks and are advantageously placed to cope with the ever-changing 21st century career world.

Diploma Programme (DP)

Unlike other Queensland schools, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is the ONLY curriculum offered to students at QACI. Students commence at QACI at the beginning of Year 10 for an immersion IB preparation program. The actual IB Program studied in Years 11 and 12 has the strengths of the traditional curriculum, but with three important additional features including the Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS). Students of the IB Diploma Program must study a subject from each of one of the six academic areas. Group 1 – Studies in Language and Literature – English: Literature; English: Language and Literature Group 2 – Language Acquisition – French, Spanish, or Mandarin Ab Initio Group 3 – Individuals and Societies - Business & Management or Environmental Systems & Societies Group 4 – Experimental Sciences – Biology, Chemistry or Design Technology Group 5 – Mathematics Group 6 – The Arts – Film, Music, Visual Arts or Theatre

Career Programme (CP)

QACI is an authorized CP school