Westbourne College Sydney

Uniquely STEM centric, co-educational, IB only and future focused.

Westbourne College Sydney is the first campus within Westbourne’s growing global network. It follows the strong foundations of Westbourne School, UK and sets the academic standards for Singapore opening in 2023. This global network will enable Westbourne students (past, present and future) to leverage from each other beginning from day 1.

Our mission is to provide Year 11 & Year 12 students with the best possible preparation for the pursuit of global STEM careers, enabling Westbourne students to become leaders of the future in their chosen fields. Our graduate students now continue their passion in law, engineering, medicine, arts and computer science at Australian universities including USYD, ANU, UTS, University of Newcastle, Bond University as well as abroad at UCL (UK).


“The two-year IB DP journey was indeed a challenging yet rewarding one and I sincerely believe our success was not a mere reflection of the students’ merits by more importantly a testimony to the support of Westbourne staff."

William - Westbourne Sydney graduate, Law and Civil Engineering (Honours) undergrad at USYD.


Westbourne offers an unrivalled learning environment for academically ambitious Year 11 & 12 students. Based in professional offices in the heart of the UTS ‘Innovation and Technology’ precinct, opposite Powerhouse Museum, our college in Ultimo leverages close access to local tertiary facilities. Westbourne students conduct experiments in world class labs of UTS and UNSW and have access to online resources of University of Notre Dame to support their studies and research.

A wide-ranging global support mechanism has been uniquely tailored to benefit Sydney’s most ambitious STEM focused students:

  • Optional exchange with Westbourne School UK, allowing students to build relationships before leaving school
  • Invitation to Future Leaders Lab, a unique 5-day summer course hosted in the UK and Singapore for ambitious students looking to become future leaders
  • Student-led activities to develop our students’ global leadership skills and local networks, and
  • Respect like industry colleagues - from simple gestures including respectable business attire, first name basis with teachers and an open plan study environment.

Westbourne Sydney is led by Dr Kristie Spence who brings a wealth of top-tier leadership experience and world-class academic expertise. She holds a PhD in Laser Physics from the University of Oxford, and a BSc Honours in Physics and Chemistry from Rhodes University. Dr Spence leads Westbourne team that is a combination of leaders from our award-winning school in the UK and, teachers and directors from some of the best schools and universities in Sydney.

“As a parent I want to set my children up for success – to ease them into their future with confidence and competencies that will give them an edge,” Dr Kristie Spence.

Admissions process:

Entrance to Westbourne is selective and applications can be made when students are in Years 9 and 10, for entry into Year 11.  To find out more please contact Karmun and Bec at [email protected]


Diploma Programme (DP)

Westbourne College Sydney is exclusively IB.

Year 10 and the IB Diploma at Westbourne College Sydney are uniquely tailored to offer an exceptional advantage to those pursuing STEM careers. Westbourne is dedicated to developing future ready IB graduates, fully grounded as tomorrow’s leaders.

At Westbourne we offer our subjects to meet the needs of those students pursuing careers in the Sciences, Maths, Engineering and Technology fields.

We offer:

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL

Physics HL, Chemistry HL, Biology HL (students to select 2)

English Language and Literature SL

Business Management SL

Mandarin Ab Initio, Mandarin B SL, Spanish Ab Initio, Spanish B SL.

We work closely with our students to ensure their subject selection prepares them for university whether within Australia or abroad.


Positions currently vacant at Westbourne College Sydney