Congratulations to former IB Student Claire Moman – UQ Dean’s Scholar

November 01, 2020
Congratulations to former Cleveland District State High School Captain, and International Baccalaureate student Claire Moman, who has been recognised by The University of Queensland as 2020 Dean’s Scholar. year, the  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences identifies and recognises the top 100 undergraduate students who complete a full-time semester study load comprising at least 6 units of study. Claire completed her 2020 university studies with a grade point average of 7; a remarkable achievement for a first year university student.

Claire earnt her IB Diploma at the end of 2019 ultimately being awarded the CDSHS Year 12 IB Dux Award, Outstanding Citizenship Award and The University of Queensland Academic Award. She attributes her recent success at UQ to the outstanding education she received through the CDSHS International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Claire shared that the IB program prepared her brilliantly for university study. The skills developed in her senior study years, including those of reflection, inquiry, communication, open-mindedness, risk-taking, and global mindedness delivered her a distinct advantage as an undergraduate. In addition, Claire is quick to acknowledge a great portion of her success is underpinned by the exceptional teaching she received from her CDSHS teachers and mentors. Not only did her teachers deliver the IB curriculum to a very high standard, they deeply committed to extending extraordinary pastoral care ensuring a wholistic education experience.

Claire recommends the IB Diploma study pathway to any senior student looking for an excellent education that thoroughly prepares you for university and is recognised by tertiary institutions, organisations and employers across the globe.