Wanting to teach in one of our member schools? Here is what you need to know

June 28, 2021
As an association of IB World Schools our member schools manage their own recruitment processes.  Here is some general information for those looking to teach within our member schools. We welcome you to view our current listings at: https://ibaustralasia.org/careers

IB Schools Australasia introduced our Careers page on our website in 2017.  Since 2017 we have advertised over 1650+ roles within our member schools.  

Our member schools, while joined by the philosophies of an IB education are as varied as the students they serve.  Our membership includes Government (public) schools, Catholic Schools, Independent schools (incorporating, but not limited to: non-religious, Anglican, Islamic, Lutheran, Montessori, Quakers and Steiner philosophies).  Our member schools encorporate both IB World Schools and Schools that are candidates in one or more IB Programmes.  Each of our member schools have their own recruitment processes and requirements, and the information below provides some general guidelines.  

As an association of IB World schools our member schools manage their own recruitment processes, however if you are keen to join one of our member schools here is some information to help you prepare:

Do I need to be trained as an IB teacher before being employed in an IB School?

This depends on the school requirements, some roles will require previous experience in the IB programmes, however others will provide on the job training in the IB programmes.  These details and other previous experience are generally included in the advertisements when they are posted by schools.

All teaching staff hired within Australian and New Zealand MUST have teaching qualifications to be employed and must pass the relevant Working With Children Checks and/or police checks.  Teaching staff must have their qualifications approved by the State or Territory authority prior to applying to teach within an Australian or New Zealand School (more on this below).

Administrative staff must also have acquired the relevant Working With Children Checks and/or police checks prior to commencing employment.

I want to move from Overseas to teach in Australia or New Zealand, will the employing school sponsor my visa?

Normally, schools will require their staff to have the right to work prior to employment.  School sponsorship of visas and additional benefits such as paying for accommodation in addition to a salary are highly unusual in Australia and New Zealand.  We advise applicants that Registration as a teacher and the appropriate working visa should be organised prior to applying for roles within our member schools.

Can I move to Australia and New Zealand to teach?

You may be aware that Australia and New Zealand currently have COVID-19 entry restrictions for anyone entering Australia or New Zealand, so acquiring a working visa may be more difficult than a few years ago.  Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, only existing New Zealand citizens and residents, or partners of citizens/residents are allowed to enter New Zealand. Likewise, similar restrictions are in place for Australia, however there are some exceptions.

This does not stop other applicants from starting this process, with a view to a future date when borders re-open.

For Australia: 

For Visa enquiries the best website to check is: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au  Most IB Schools in Australia require the appropriate working visa prior to employment. 

You will also need to be registered with the appropriate state based teaching institute and have a working with Children Check prior to employment.  

These are the websites for the relevant States and Territories:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT): ACT Teacher Quality Institute - https://www.tqi.act.edu.au/teach-in-the-act/Professional-Registration

New South Wales (NSW): NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) - https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/home

Northern Territory (NT): Teacher Registration Board of the Northern Territory - https://www.trb.nt.gov.au

Queensland (QLD): Queensland College of Teachers - https://www.qct.edu.au/registration

South Australia (SA): Teachers Registration Board of South Australia - https://www.trb.sa.edu.au

Tasmania (TAS): Teachers Registration Board Tasmania - https://www.trb.tas.gov.au/Pages/Home.aspx

Victoria (VIC):  Victorian Institute of Teaching - https://www.vit.vic.edu.au

Western Australia (WA): Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia - https://www.trb.wa.gov.au

You will also need to complete a Working With Children Check in the state or Territory where you plan to reside.

New Zealand: 

All teachers in New Zealand need to have their qualifications checked by NZQA https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/qualifications-standards/international-qualifications/international-qualification-assessment-iqa/

and be registered with the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand https://teachingcouncil.nz/

The registration will also require recent police checks to be provided for all countries of residence over the past 10 years.

Non-citizens or permanent residents will also need to apply for a work visa through Immigration New Zealand https://www.immigration.govt.nz/

Many employers can assist with this process and applicants need to be aware that this process can take several months to be completed.

Websites such as Teach in New Zealand https://teachinnewzealand.co.nz/ can provide further information and support through this process.

Vacancies in IB World Schools can be found on our website at https://ibaustralasia.org/careers

We also publish a weekly bulletin on Fridays with our latest listings, you can sign up to receive this bulletin on our website at: https://ibaustralasia.org/careers

How do I apply and who do I contact with Questions?

Applications should be made directly to the employing schools.  Please ensure you follow the individual application requirements as they vary between schools and jurisdictions.  If you have any questions about the positions or with employment queries please contact the employing schools directly.  IB Schools Australasia are unable to accept applications on behalf of our member schools.

IB Schools Australasia wishes you the best of luck with your search!