IB DP Dux awarded the prestigious Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship

from Griffith University, worth $25 000, to study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science
June 28, 2021
Cleveland District State High school, situated to the east of Brisbane, has offered the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) since 2015.  The IBDP compliments the school’s values of global education and preparing young people to be change-makers and citizens of the world.  In February this year we were proud to announce that the 2020 IBDP Dux at Cleveland High was Rishen Krishna.  His hard work was duly rewarded Rishen was awarded the prestigious Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship from Griffith University, worth $25 000, to study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Rishen is a wonderful example of a student who works hard, accepts all responsibilities and challenges that come his way and maintains a very approachable manner to his peers and teachers.  As well as studying six IB subjects, completing his 4000 word Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and CAS activities, Rishen accepted the role of School Captain.  As a school leader, he was an outstanding role model for younger students.

Academically, Rishen has achieved outstanding results in his time at Cleveland District State High School and shown himself to be committed to his studies, not only by his achievement but by the effort he makes in his subjects. This hard work has earned Rishen a variety of school awards over the years including Academic Excellence Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020, Excellence in Citizenship 2020, the prestigious Outstanding Citizenship Award for 2020, Principal's Merit Awards from 2015 to 2019, a Certificate of Merit in 2020 and an ANCQ Chemistry Certificate of Credit in 2018. Rishen was also awarded the following Top of Subject Awards for the IB programme. French, Language and Literature and Business Management. 

During the strange year that was 2020, Rishen also managed to complete a Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement and a Certificate III in Laboratory Skills which is a nationally recognised vocational qualification with skills that will assist his scientific research and experimentation.   As a result of his outstanding academic and leadership achievements, Rishen has gained membership to the Griffith Honours College.  Griffith Honours College provides experiences and opportunities that help high-achieving undergraduate students reach their full potential. Admission is limited and based on academic and personal achievement. The Honours College is a program designed for high-achieving students that provides enriching experiences which will assist Rishen to further develop his leadership, teamwork, communication, community engagement, intellectual curiosity, and research and work skills. 

Rishen has also achieved in school sport, receiving a Gold Award for Futsal in 2020, a Bronze Award as a District Champion in Soccer and Volleyball, and has been a school referee from 2018-2020.  His citizenship and community involvement has also been a feature, volunteering with Bendigo Bank in 2019 and 2020, participating and raising $400 in the Relay for Life in 2019 and volunteering at the Redlands Special School in 2018 and 2019.

This is an outstanding achievement across all areas of school life.  The awards and scholarships that have come his way reflect the remarkable student he is and we congratulate Rishen on his success. 

Griffith University is a wonderful supporter of IBDP students, offering generous scholarships to graduates as well as a range of credits and exemptions based on the subjects studied and result gained.


Rishen is pictured with State Member for Oodgeroo, Dr Mark Robinson