IB Diploma results: Australasian students top the world!

January 03, 2019
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme results were released today to the 18,387 students who sat for examinations in November 2018. The 2,728 Australian and 370 New Zealand students punched well above their weight in the demanding, International education programme, recognised worldwide for university entry.

Twenty-seven students, accounting for forty percent of the world’s 68 perfect scores in the November 2018 examination session came from Australasian schools with one in six Australasian candidates achieving an IB result above 40 out of a maximum possible score of 45, equal to an ATAR equivalent of 98.25! Australasian students achieved an average grade of 33.24, well above the world average of 28.58! The Australasian pass rate of 90% was well above the world average of 69%.

These results demonstrate the significant disadvantage that schools offering the IB Diploma face in rankings that do not include the achievement of Diploma candidates.  Schools with large proportions of Diploma students are especially disadvantaged by unfair ‘league tables’, created by the print media, that exclude Diploma Programme achievements.

The IB Diploma Programme is an international matriculation programme.  In 2018 a total of  181,530 students completed for Diploma programme assessments in May and November examination sessions in over 3200 schools in more than 150 countries worldwide. More than 18,000 students sat for November 2018 examinations. This represents an increase over 2017 of approximately 10% for the November session and a 13% increase in Australasian candidates over the last year. The reputation of the value of an IB education increases with its global growth.  Today, more than ever, the value of a truly international education is appreciated by students who wish to stretch themselves not only academically but in who they are as young people who can make a difference in our troubled world!

The International Baccalaureate is also studied by students through the Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme as well as a Career Related Programme which acts as an alternative to the Diploma Programme. Many Australasian schools offer a combination of two or three IB programmes spanning education from age 4-18.

For more information on the International Baccalaureate go to: www.ibo.org


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