3D Printed Sustainable Houses for Education – A three-part webinar series presented by Associate Professor David Cole (Former IB Teacher)

February 21, 2023 - March 07, 2023

Starting soon! 21 Feb, 28 Feb & 7 March 2023

This course serves the needs of secondary teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is designed to be used for the IB, MYP, Personal Project. It is an open, inquiry based unit, that asks students to think about the future of housing and sustainability, and experiment with 3D printing, whilst demonstrating their thinking and processes.


This 3 part webinar series presents a practical and credible path with respect to making a difference to climate change and centralises the concept of ‘3D Printed Sustainable Houses for Education’ as a motor for change. The 3 sessions, though separate, are joined in the attempt to raise consciousness, insert purposeful knowledge, and evolve pedagogy to tackle climate change. These sessions put education in the middle of climate change action (Cole, 2021), because it is the next generation that will have to live with its consequences. Hence, given this rationale and motivation for students to study topics such as sustainability, experiment with new housing and lifestyle choices, and to work communally to bring down emissions, these sessions suggest that 3D printed model houses provide an excellent basis for such activity. Pedagogy should mobilise to tackle climate change, and the idea of ‘net zero-3D printing-education’ is put forward to do this to understand what is practical and what can be done today.


Session 1- Net zero and housing.

Tuesday 21 February, 4.45pm - 6.00pm AEST

What are the best ways to discuss and educate about net zero? How does net zero relate to housing? What does net zero by 2050 look like?

This session sets up the series with a practical examination of the ways in which to set inquiry-based questions for the unit of work based around net zero and housing.


Session 2 - 3D printing and housing.

Tuesday 28 February, 4.45pm - 6.00pm AEST

How can houses be 3D printed? What examples are there of 3D printing houses and how can they be modelled by students? How can 3D printed houses be made sustainable?

This session explores the ways in which 3D printing can be used for housing and sustainability and examines the educational implications for these adaptions for inquiry-based learning.


Session 3 - 3D printed houses in education.

Tuesday 7 March, 4.45pm - 6.00pm AEST

How and where can 3D printed houses be taught in education? What is the science and maths of 3D printed houses in education? What are the principles of sustainability involved with 3D printed houses?

This session brings together and explains how to teach and learn purposefully about climate change in the curriculum through 3D printed sustainable houses.


Find out more here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/3d-printed-sustainable-houses-for-education-tickets-513530913787



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