Transform the way you think about education - Rachel French @Cornish College

June 06, 2024 - June 07, 2024

Unlock the power of Concept-Based Inquiry in your classroom

We are delighted to announce that Rachel French will be presenting an
intensive and transformative two day workshop for teachers and school
leaders committed to implementing a Concept-Based approach, hosted by
Cornish College.

This workshop includes practical strategies that invite you to rethink the unit design process.

This hands-on approach on how to recognise patterns and make connections allows you to articulate your own transferable conceptual understandings. The debrief session will delve into the strategies used to support inductive teaching.

Rachel French MA Ed

Rachel French, a certified Independent Concept-Based Consultant, presenter, and Director of Professional Learning International, has led innovative curriculum design and transformed how educators teach and students learn for over 12 years.

Mentored by the founders of Concept-Based Curriculum themselves, Dr Lynn Erickson and Dr Lois Lanning, Rachel was entrusted with the exclusive worldwide rights to be the sole provider of the Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Trainer Certification Institute — the certification that kick-started her journey into Concept-Based Inquiry and inspired her own approach to the pedagogy.

Rachel has presented numerous workshops and conferences on Concept-Based Learning globally. She now hosts the annual Concept-Based Inquiry Learning Labs Conference, a conference dedicated to bringing together passionate Concept-Based Inquiry educators from around the globe.

Rachel’s mission is to help other educators transform their classrooms and schools by accessing leading professional development, planning and implementing Concept-Based units, and adopting a Concept-Based curriculum development approach.

When: Thursday 6 & Friday 7 June, 9.00am – 4.00pm

Venue:Cornish College, 65 Riverend Road, Bangholme VIC 3175

Cost: AU$700 per participant AU$650 - early bird registration, before 6 May

This includes a copy of Concept-Based Inquiry in Action, morning tea and lunch on both days

Contact Cornish: [email protected]
Bookings and more information-click here.



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