Diploma & PYP Workshops

July 08, 2013 - July 10, 2013
Registration is now open for Diploma and PYP IB workshops in Adelaide in July 2013.  The registration link is:  https://events.sapmea.asn.au/iEBMS/reg/reg_p1_form.aspx?oc=10&ct=FULLREG&eventid=5252

PYP Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom (Category 1) PYP Role of the Arts ( Category 3)
PYP Action (Category 2)
PYP Assessment (Category 2)
PYP Sustainability and international mindedness (Category 3)

DP Coordinators (Category 2)
DP Biology (Category 2)
DP Chemistry (Category 2)
DP Physics (Category 2)
DP Theory of Knowledge (Category 2)
DP Language B -Generic (Category 1 and 2 mixed)

DP ONE DAY WORKSHOP Visual Arts: From Easel to Screen, assessment for a digital age 


Mercedes College, Adelaide, 540 Fullarton Rd Springfield South Australia 5062

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