Models of Engaged Teaching and Learning (MELT) Workshop: PL accompaniment to the 2017 Student Speaker Series

February 01, 2017 - December 21, 2017

IB Schools Australasia are pleased to announce the introduction of the Models of Engaged Teaching and Learning (MELT) workshop.  This professional Development Session is designed to accompany the Student Speaker Series ATL Skills for the Year 10 Personal Project (PP) available only to member schools.

Would you like to develop deep understandings of subject matter and an inquiry or

problem solving mindset?

Do you want to foreground critical thinking and use technology to support its development, not have technology drive the agenda?

How can you help students to connect together the skills of problem solving, critical thinking and discovery in ways that enable these skills to mutually reinforce across multiple terms and years?

Workshop Outcomes:

This workshop will help you address the above questions and produce a draft MELT that suits your context. The idea of MELT comes from educators who have collaborated and adapted the six facets of Research Skill Development (RSD) framework to suit a range of contexts and in ways we didn’t expect. Multiple uses of the MELT with context-appropriate terminology provides various opportunities for these facets to become student thinking routines that develop researching, critical thinking and problem solving mindsets over time. This workshop provides you with collaborative time to learn about others’ models and adapt these so that you can MELT and mould your teaching context, including:

  • learning sessions in lecture theatres, tutorials, labs, library, field, & online
  • formative and summative assessment for feedback within & between subjects
  • individual subjects or across subjects, face to face, fully online & blended
  • Primary School, Middle School or Senior High School

Target Audience:

This professional Development Session is designed to accompany the Student Speaker Series ATL Skills for the Year 10 Personal Project (PP).

MELT thinking is suited to other learning contexts and schools are encouraged to consider all teachers’ involvement, from R to 12 or 8 to 12. Available only to financial member schools.

About the Presenter:

From 1992 to 2004 John taught Secondary Science students, R-6 Gifted and Talented students, was an Upper School Coordinator and lectured in Early Childhood and Primary Teacher Education at Curtin University. For the past 12 years he has conducted courses in Secondary and Higher Education at the University of Adelaide, where he is a Senior Lecturer. He is interested in the ways that students’ research skills are developed, and in how to flip learning with contemporary technologies in ways that complement face to face interaction.

Workshop Outline:

Part A 1.5 hours

Learn about the six facets of thinking in the MELT and collaboratively adapt these to your teaching context.

Part B 1.5 hours

Use your adapted version of MELT to plan specific learning and assessment activities (only available in the 3 hour workshop booking)


1.5 hour workshop: $600 

3 hour workshop: $850

For more information and to book an event please contact:

Rebecca Hammond, Executive Assistant, IB Schools Australasia

Email: [email protected]  Mobile: (0407) 325 735


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