Milgate Primary School

Milgate Primary School is an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) school. The school is a community united by a commitment to learning built upon the fundamental core values of honoring diversity, serving the welfare and well-being of others. Enjoying a rich multicultural community, Milgate’s school wide teaching philosophy is founded upon a commitment to prepare our students with the attributes and competencies to become citizens of the world.  The school’s vision is to empower students to ensure they will succeed as responsible global citizens and independent self-learners within today’s rapidly changing world.  (To provide a dynamic learning environment that challenges students to achieve academic excellence, be socially competent and become productive members of a global society.) Our aim is for students to be socially competent interdisciplinary learners who are also team players and risk takers. These goals will be achieved through presenting a challenging learning program that engages and excites students, delivered by a teaching team at the cutting edge of pedagogical practice. At Milgate we aim to assist students to become Global Citizens. In strengthening students’ self-esteem, optimism and commitment to personal fulfilment; we aim to help students to develop the ability to make ethical judgements and to demonstrate social responsibility, so they are able to respond constructively and positively to a range of contemporary social challenges.
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