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Spanning Pre Kindergarten to Year 12, Radford College offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) in its Junior School (Pre Kindergarten to Year 6) and The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) in the Secondary School (Years 11–12). Radford is a thriving independent school dedicated to educating and supporting students to become compassionate, adaptable and internationally minded. The school is a progressive Anglican co-educational day school that recognises that each student has unique potential. We help them fulfil their potential by offering a world-class education, contemporary pedagogy and opportunities to learn beyond the traditional classroom through co-curricular and community service programs.

Radford currently has more than 2009 students enrolled across the Junior and Secondary Schools, with an equal number of boys and girls. We employ a non-selective enrolments process and consistently rank highly in the ACT academic rankings. We believe this is because of our innovative teaching and our fundamental understanding that students are most successful when engaged. Relationships between staff and students are based on mutual respect. Teachers get to know their students quickly in order to understand their motivations, their capabilities and the way that they learn. They understand that each student has different abilities and cater equally for the students who need a challenge and students who require additional support.

It is important for children to have positive relationships with other children and adults at school and we provide a nurturing environment where this is possible. Our parents are important partners in the effective support of our students and open and regular communication is vital.

Pastoral care is a fundamental element of Radford College. We aim to instil a sense of belonging and connectedness in each of our students and we take a great deal of care to provide a learning environment where our students are comfortable. We expect our students to be respectful and conduct themselves appropriately to make sure that all members of the Radford community feel safe. As an integrated part of our curriculum, we foster personal and social development in every child.

In developing students' wellbeing we encourage each student to:

  • learn self-discipline and accept responsibility for their actions
  • participate confidently in group and team activities
  • become active members of the local and wider community
  • be able to adapt to the challenges of a changing world.

Radford College aims for all students to feel safe, supported, valued, engaged and connected. Students feel a sense of belonging to a significant school community. Students are expected to treat each other with respect and behaviour is managed in a positive way. To make sure that all students receive the care and attention they need, there is a great emphasis on proactive and reactive pastoral care. Every contact is considered to be a pastoral care contact.


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Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The Radford College Junior School spans Pre Kindergarten to Year 6 and is an authorised IB World School. Using the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and skills approaches to learning as a solid foundation, the Radford College Junior School establishes a framework within which responsibility, initiative and rewarding relationships can flourish. The Junior School is a vibrant part of the College, with modern classroom spaces that support flexible learning and dynamic student investigation. Our philosophy and practice is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, where nurturing the development of the whole child is the key focus. Learning experiences in the Junior School are personalised to meet the needs of all learners and are designed to invite children to think critically, communicate effectively and to collaborate with their peers.

Literacy and numeracy are at the centre of our teaching and learning program and are reinforced through diverse guided units of inquiry that allow students to actively engage with their learning and to construct deep and enduring understandings. Our Pre Kindergarten to Year 6 Programme of Inquiry provides a balanced and rigorous education that fosters the ongoing academic achievement of each child as an individual. Under the six transdisciplinary themes of the Primary Years Programme, our students build the knowledge, skills, understandings and attitudes required to become active global citizens and engaged lifelong learners. Classroom teachers work in collaboration with specialist Art, Music, Language (Spanish), PE and Wellbeing teachers to design experiences that encourage students to consider analytically and connect with ideas of both local and global significance. The College values the growth of the individual and works to pave a path for them that is unique, meaningful and will support them to become the best version of themselves. Our teachers take pride in developing positive relationships with each student as a unique person. They recognise the importance of motivating children to become the best version of themselves, socially, academically and creatively. The Junior School firmly believes that success is achieved when students are supported and encouraged to persevere and to embrace challenge as an integral part of learning. Students are openly encouraged to develop a sense of self-worth, respect and tolerance for others in an environment where they feel safe, secure and respected. This is not something that can exist in isolation and it is present in all aspects of school life. It is used to enable pupils to achieve their full potential.

Diploma Programme (DP)

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Radford College’s close alignment of ethos and programs to the Diploma programme has made it a natural fit. Radford teaches students in a way which develops enthusiasm and engagement, fostering global citizens who remain keen learners prepared to negotiate a future we cannot yet imagine. Radford aims to nurture students to become exceptional leaders of tomorrow through our focus on developing the Secondary School Learner traits in our students.

Learning is a fluid process involving mutual respect and collaboration between the staff and students. We allow our students to be inquisitive and value their ability to question what they are learning. We recognise that old teaching methods which were effective in the past may not be applicable in the modern world. With this in mind, we are constantly monitoring best-practice teaching methods and adapting where it is in the students' best interest to do so. Our teachers are well supported and trained in the Diploma Programme courses so that they can assist their students to achieve excellent outcomes, something which has been evident in the results of past students in the local ACT system.

Radford aims to teach our students the importance of values. We teach them to value humanity, learning, and their own potential. In addition to the core components of the Australian Curriculum in Years 7 to 10, we offer a range of other courses to ensure we value the strengths of all children. We provide spiritual guidance which is open and explores many avenues to faith. There is a myriad of co-curricular offerings at Radford to complement the academic program in addition to the strong Service Learning program.

Happy, relaxed students learn more efficiently and with more enthusiasm, so we attempt to make the curriculum engaging and enjoyable wherever possible. We believe that a positive association with learning will give our students a great advantage in life and we hope this allows them to be lifelong learners. The Diploma Programme is also an excellent preparatory course for tertiary education and is highly valued by these institutions locally and more broadly in Australia.

The Diploma Programme is one of three pathways Radford College offers to senior students, in addition to the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate ‘Tertiary’ and ‘Accredited’ pathways governed by the Board of Senior Secondary Studies. Unlike ACT Government Colleges where the students are required to do both the local BSSS and IB Diploma assessment, our students are only required to complete the Diploma assessment if this is the pathway they choose. Community is highly valued at Radford and so the students studying the DP will have some mixed classes with their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate peers, learning similar concepts and skills, blended pastoral groupings and shared cohort experiences.